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Frequently Asked Outdoor Benches Questions

Outdoor Benches by Ashley

Outdoor benches are the perfect addition to every outdoor space. Whether you need a simple outdoor patio bench or an entire patio bench set, Ashley has stylish and durable options for every budget. Read on to learn more about our high-quality patio bench/benches.

What is the Best Material for an Outdoor Bench?

A bench helps you enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and style and is available in many different materials and styles. We carry everything from a simple outdoor wooden bench to a lavish outdoor storage bench. Wood and wicker are two popular patio storage bench materials due to their aesthetic and all-weather durability. Wicker is well known for being weather-resistant and lightweight, and it also makes outdoor furniture look beautifully beachy. Many of our wicker benches are available as an outdoor patio storage bench, giving you a place to relax as well as a handy place to store outdoor items.

How to Choose a Wooden Garden Bench for Your Outdoor Space?

Make sure to consider your climate when selecting the bench that works best for your outdoor space. Teak, cedar, eucalyptus, and pine are popular materials for a wood patio bench. Teak is one of the most durable woods and can be left out all year, even in areas with very harsh winters. Eucalyptus owes its weather resistance to its high oil content that makes it resistant to moisture. Cedar is a h2 wood that doesn’t warp or sag, and it is also one of the more affordable wood options. Pine is not as naturally all-weather as the other woods, but when pressure treated it makes a great and durable option.

How Do I Protect My Wooden Bench?

Whether it’s a simple metal bench or a more elaborate patio table with bench, you want to make sure you keep your outdoor furniture looking great for years to come. Paint is one of the best ways to seal your furniture; this method can sometimes result in the loss of your natural wood look so be careful if choosing this method. You can also use a water sealant or varnish that protects your furniture from moisture while preserving your bench’s wooden look. Don’t forget to check out Ashley’s large variety of outdoor furniture covers that provide your furniture with extra protection! You can use covers and bring your bench indoors in winter to further protect your furniture from the elements.